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Answers to Your Questions

How do I launch a New Advertising Campaign?

When you order and the payment for your chosen Advertising Package clears, your Advertiser’s Account will be created, and those funds added to that account for ad buying. Each month prior to or at the end of your billing cycle you can add funds to your account via the advertiser’s dashboard.

Where Will My Ads Be Displayed?

Hunting Advertising partners with many different independent web publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges to bring together only the best online advertising inventory for our advertising clients. Our ad network works with over 100,000+ website publishers around the globe to service your advertising needs..

What Advertising Banner Sizes Can I Run on Your Hunting Advertising Service?

Our advertising network can accept nearly all sizes of advertising banner creative. However, we follow the basic guidelines for online advertising creative, as set forth by the IAB Standard for sizes that we accept for our online advertising services.
Check the list here for banner ad standard size: 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 336×280 (Large Rectangle), 728×90 (Leaderboard), 300×600 (Half Page), 468×60, 234×60 (Half Banner), 120×600 (Standard-Size Skyscraper), 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper), 970×90 (Wide Skyscraper), 200×200 (Small Square or Button), 250×250 (Square), and 320×50 (mobile banner.)

What is Digital Display Advertising?

It’s a form of online advertising that uses image creative called, banners.

So, banner advertising is also called by many “Digital Display Advertising.” The purpose of digital display advertising is to promote visual creative for your brand, product or services. When website visitor clicks on your ad they are taken to your website or a specific website of our choice.

Can You Design My Hunting Advertising Banners For Me?

Yes! We can skillfully design your online banners ads for your advertising campaigns. Our advertising creation services will give you a competitive advantage over your competition.
Our professional, high-impact advertising design creation services will improve your product and brands visibility, increase your brand’s power and reputation. Let our talented marketing and advertising staff create you the Best Online Advertising Creative that gives your product or service that extra visual appeal needed to be successful.

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We’re a leading digital advertising network, dedicated to helping you earn more. We operate a diversified advertising product mix of digital display ads, native advertising, and video units to help our publishers earn more from their web and app traffic.


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